How to Choose a New Wallet

The question most often asked by ourselves and answered very difficultly. I don’t know about others but it is a hectic task for me nonetheless. What is a wallet? Why do you use it? Before choosing a wallet, you should know that a wallet is one of the most basic thing used today by almost every one. It is a personal thing and can be designed by any sort of material. Wallets define us, really defines us. What does that mean? It means that wallet can be of any sort but the way we carry them is the way we are (messy or organized etc.).   

What should we do when replacing it? It’s a hectic task for people like me who have an emotional attachment with their belongings. Change for us is never acceptable, but it is important so, the question comes back what should we consider while choosing a wallet? 

Do I need a bulky wallet or a simple one would be fine? Well if it comes to a wallet I prefer it would be a bulky one because even if I shed out many business cards and stuff but I still need a wallet with a lot of space and tiny pockets to stuff my important things in it. As I first mentioned I am an emotional person and there are many things that I need when leaving home or travelling, thus a bulky one would do but with a little slim style. There are many wallets designed with a slim look but they are spacious and that’s what we all should look, because we can’t carry two at a time.

Next comes the material, what type of material should I be choosing. Never go for the cheap material. There are thousands and millions of wallets made to come in handy from the cheap stuff to the branded ones. If we can’t buy a branded wallet always choose a wallet that is carved with good material.


Go for the full-grain leather, this leather is carved form the most durable part of animals and is processed. This type of leather is durable and with time it develops a beautiful patina around it which lets it look good and it lasts long too. If I don’t get a good designed full-grain leather wallet then I prefer the metal ones, they are becoming very popular now a day.

Whether it be a chain, bifold, trifold, card holders or money clippers? The Chubby Buddy claims that Chain wallets are more safe but their look is not for everybody. Bifold are the oldest and the most used wallets around, you need them for card holding purpose or for money keeping it is handy for both and most people prefer them, trifolds on other hand have a triple folding and have the same size as bifold but it provides more space than the above one. Next are the card holders as none from the name these are used just to store cards in it, they can hold lot of cards in it but can’t store money. Then there are money clippers these are hook like things that carry your money and cards together but these are preferable just for carrying less.

I choose the bifold over others because these are the trendy and never go out of fashion, plus they may look like anything yet  they are the durable ones. Its better we choose the durable leather wallets over the flashy and trendy wallets because they last long and they serve us well for a long time.

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